Bringing Stories Alive: Generating Interactive Fiction Worlds

This site hosts the text-adventure game worlds created for the under-review paper 'Bringing Stories Alive: Generating Interactive Fiction Worlds' by Ammanabrolu et al. You can read the paper on arXiv here.

Before playing any of the below games, we recommend the brief tutorial game here to get familiar with the engine and commands. After that, feel free to try out any of the games below. You can only have one game world open at a time, so please close out of any open game client tabs before opening a new one.

Not sure which one to pick? Click to play one at random, and see if you can guess the author.

Never heard of Interactive Fiction before? Learn more @ Wikipedia.

Mystery Genre Fairy Tale Genre
Random: Play now Play now
Rule Based: Play now Play now
Neural Generated: Play now Play now
Human Authored: Play now Play now

In this study, we looked at the ability for AI algorithms to build interactive fiction worlds. If you are interested, also have a look at a previous study where we used AI algorithms to generate text-adventure quests.